I’m Back!

As you may or may not remember, I had a blog. That blog was called Pink Space Lime. I ended it, very shortly after I publicly came out as non-binary, for personal reasons. But no more! I’m back baby!! Stick around as I tell you all about what I’ve been up to and what is to cum.

How My Life Has Changed

Since the last time you saw me, I have come out as non-binary, my pronouns are they/them/it, and I now go by Raven. My new descriptor in all things has become ‘Your favorite queer, alien Goddexx’. The beginning of my new sexuality journey was rough, to say the least, but I had such an amazing support group from people that I have friended on social media. Slowly, I am coming into my own and rediscovering who I am.

In addition to becoming a more evolved being, I have also been diving hard into acceptance of my autism and disabilities. My life has the joys of PCOS, autism (a recent addition), and other bodily yuckiness. I’m navigating those issues all the time, but I’ve only recently stared being more vocal about them on social media and I hope to transfer that to here.

Over all, my life hasn’t changed all that much. I’m still the agoraphobic hermit I once was, except now, refusing to leave your house is a good thing(?)! I’m also always trying to relearn how love myself more and more each day, while constantly trying to not overwhelm myself with the pressures of social media and capitalism…

What Am I Doing With My Life?

No that is not (entirely) an existential question. I’m actually doing stuff with my life now…at 30…after dealing with major mental and health trauma. Yay me…

Portrait Illustration of @fattyabaddie

Drawing is usually taking up a lot of my time. I draw a lot when I’m stressed, which, in this dumpster fire of a world, is often. Making pretty things has always been my go to serotonin boost. Plus, the fact that I’m constantly drawing gorgeous and inspirational babes makes it that much more enjoyable.

Photography Portrait of anonymous

Photography has always been part of my creativity, but recently I’ve been reconnecting with it. I started by finally upgrading my equipment and taking some intro portraits of a friend. I love it so much. I know Covid is a real bitch right now, but I hope to continue with more people in the future. Currently, y’all will just have to deal with seeing my pretty face all the time.

Major Blog/Website Changes

Obviously, the biggest change is that my blog is now called Raven the Alien. I wanted the blog to be more….more. My old stuff is VERY focused on accepting your body, sexuality, not being ashamed of loving pleasure, etc. While that will always remain a constant throughout this thing, there will be SO much more I cover.

One of the first huge changes I am making is expanding beyond sexuality. Like I just mentioned, I will never NOT be open and honest about sexuality, but the posts I have in mind move to other things in ones life to love and discuss. I have a few mental health pieces on the books as well as a review on a product that can be very helpful for stimming in autistics.

Something you’ll see a lot more is the dramatic move away from gendered products and discussions. From now on, the products I review (sex toys, clothes, etc) will all be inclusive to everyone, whether that be from a literal POV or from the ‘be open minded’ POV. I’m not sure there is a great way to really explain this in a single paragraph, so just stick around and see what I’m on about.

The Future

I am so excited to restart this journey. When I began it last time, it changed my life in ways I don’t think I can ever explain. Now that I am in a totally different headspace than I was originally, I’m extra psyched.

You can be sure that fun things are coming in the future. I have so many ideas tumbling around in my chaotic little brain. As you all know, I can’t just sit around with only a few projects, I must have ALL the stress. But for now, I hope you’ll stick around to read to stories I have to tell and learn about the products I have to share.

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